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About Me

Software Engineer with a passion for solving problems, automating away rough edges, and designing better user experiences through clean code and properly managed user expectations.

Graduating from University of California: Santa Cruz with a degree in Computer Science & Game Design, I’ve learned to work in a variety of code bases from indie engines like the one that powers Braid to larger game frameworks like Unity and Unreal Engine.

As of 2018 I’ve shipped two titles of my own on the XBox Indie Channel and helped numerous start-up studios with high level back-end architectures and gameplay features. Having ported more than a dozen titles using different game engines, I’m familiar with numerous styles and techniques used in the game industry and have an insatiable drive to help simplify the game making process while keeping proper controls available for designers.

My Skills


C/C++, C#, Javascript, Go, Python
Unity, Unreal Engine 4,
Visual Studio, VS Code, Perforce, SVN, TeamCity

Platform Services

Amazon Web Services, Cloud Gaming (OnLive), Multiplayer Networking
Steam, Epic Game Store, PlayFab, PS4, XB1
NoSQL (MongoDB)

Project Management

JIRA, Confluence, Wiki, Agile, SCRUM
Milestone / sprint based scheduling as well as release scheduling for small projects.

Furniture Assembly

Chairs, Tables, Bookshelves, Desks
IKEA specialist but I’m flexible

Build Engineering

Platform integration into engines and build tools (Steam/XB1/PS4)
TeamCity Build and Triage engineering
Crash reporting software and architecture


Neuroscience, piano, 3D modeling, gaming
Civilization 6, Spiderman, Starcraft 2, XCOM

Get in Touch with Me

I’m always curious to hear about opportunities to work on cooperative and educational games, especially those with a console or PC market. While my background is currently very technically inclined, I’m transitioning to more product and program management oriented roles in the future. I look forwards to crushing the beast that is “crunch” with realistic expectations, properly communicated goals, and in-touch leadership that deals with individuals.